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Noisy Neighbors
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The people who live in the house behind us (our back yards are connected) blast music at different hours of the day and i can hear the bass clearly in my home, no matter where i am. I can even hear it with the television on. I've documented the past couple weeks of the noise also. I'd like to avoid confrontation because i don't know them and wouldn't want to make them angry seeing as how they will be neighbors for a long time to come. I live in an association (combined additions) so what can i do about this? Do i bring it to the head of the association or can i call the police? It's incredibly annoying and gives me headaches. I'm sure other complaints would be registered, but it only happens during the week in late morning-afternoon when most people around us are at work.

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You can report the loud noise complaint to the Fort Wayne Police Department using the non-emergency line anytme; the number is 427-1222. Check out the city ordinance: 96.03 LOUD AND UNNECESSARY NOISE PROHIBITED http://bit.ly/fgOhBU

It is really smart of you to recognize that these will be your neighbors for some time, and that perhaps a more subtle approach would be appropriate. Since you are asking, I would encourage you to connect with the head of your neighborhood association before making that call to the FWPD. But if the noise level does not decrease after that, then yes, contact the department and request that the ordinance be enforced.

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Post Motorcycle noise from neighbor 
I have been trying to figure out a solution to a neighbor who owns a super loud motorcycle. In addition to his motorcycle, his friends frequently visit with even louder motorcycles. I wondered a few weeks ago when I was awaken by a motorcycle that could easily be heard for a mile around 1:00 a.m. It sent my wife and I right out of bed, which isn't easy as we sleep well. I live in the city and I know that the police are very busy, but this annoyance is very persistent. My difficulty is that this really loud nuisance is a moving target. He will rev up the cycle for a minute or two, then leave the scene only to usually return a half hour later. If I call the police for noise ordinance violation, chances are he wont be there. I would need them to hang around a while to catch him and I don't think the police would make this a priority. My issue is that this small problem has been going on for about a year now and is a weekly issue. I don't understand why the police don't stop him on the city streets. How can he be getting lucky for so long? I realize most people ignore the really loud motorcycle because they don't live next to them, but I have found out that they do have homes and unfortunately one has moved in by me. I would love to see this enforced.

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