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fwpd auctions?
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Post fwpd auctions? 
i was just wondering if the fwpd still had their auctions with all of the seized items, and all of the bikes and unclaimed merchandise, i remember some years ago my dad and i went to it, and it was a blast with all of the stuff that was there, i know on the website it says propertyroom .com but there is nothing on there from fort wayne, so i was just wondering if you or someone could tell me if this auction still takes place anymore or if it has been done away with, thank you for your time,

also is there an auction where they auction off the old police cars and vehicles or do the fwpd send them away to get sold? thank you for your time

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Yes, the department holds an annual bicycle auction generally in May. This year though, I am told that the auction may be delayed until June. We have always shared the date, time, location, and other information with the local media beforehand so that it can be released to the public. This year, I hope to have the information posted on the department's website as well.

Bicycles are not the only items that are auctioned. In the past, lawn equipment, tools, and electronic or household items have been offered at the auction as well. You are correct though, the majority of the items that are seized, confiscated, or found through investigations, and that the department is unable to return to its rightful owner, are auctioned off at the following two sites:

www.propertyroom.com or www.stealitback.com

I am glad to hear that you and your father enjoyed yourselves. The clerks in the property room invest many hours and much effort in organizing that event, and officer Michael Joyner is an excellent auctioneer.

See for yourself:

As for the decommissioned squad cars or vehicles, they are auctioned off via the Indiana Auto Auction.

Thank you for the post.

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Post 2011 Bicycle Auction to be held Saturday, June 4, 7:00 a.m. 
This year's bicycle auction has been scheduled for June 4, 2011. Please visit the Press Releases link for more information:


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