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Post driving 
I was returning home from work tonight (2331hrs) and was nearly hit by a marked squad car that diregarded a stop sign, entering N. Anthony Blvd. from a side street. The officer then nearly hit two cars turning south on N.Anthony from Crescent Ave. as he/she disregarded the automatic signal and headed south on Crescent, all without any emergency lights on. I travel the same time each night and see my fair share of questionable driving by the police on my way home. I usually blow it off because I respect the job you do. Tonight, however, was a little close for me. For the most part, I thought officers followed the same rules of the road civilians do......and when breaking those rules are justified, there are protocols to be followed. In this case engaging the emergency lights.
Your answer to this will probably be, "call the Desk Sargeant and file a report"...really!?!
It will just turn my word vs. theirs and dropped.


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Thank you for the post.

Certain calls for assistance require by department policy that we use our emergency lights and sirens, and some calls do not. Using our emergency lights and sirens can place the public and the officer at risk for an accident. Running 'hot' disrupts the normal flow of traffic, and unfortunately for whatever reason, some motorists do not always see or hear the lights and sirens. So, when we receive calls for assistance, whether it be to a disturbance, fight, or battery, we want to arrive as quickly and as safely as possible, and that doesn't necessarily mean that we will engage our emergency lights and sirens.

If an officer is practicing unsafe driving habits, the department should be made aware of it and have the opportunity to investigate it. You can contact Internal Affairs at 260 427-1424 with your concerns. Our squad cars have unique vehicle numbers that are visible to the public, and many of our vehicles are equipped with tracking software that records our location and speeds so it will not be 'your word versus their word and dropped'.

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