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Post Harassment 
Question: I recently moved out of a relationship of unhealthy portions, and met someone new. My ex totally flipped (her behavior is irrational), now I fear that she is going to do something to ruin my future with the CPD, Tennessee (08/2009), like make false allegations, or crap like that. What is the most approriate way of dealing with her, because she hasn't made any threats (so I can't get a TRO), but she is on felony probation (DUI), and really has no respect for the laws, please help, I am going out of town next week, so hopefully when I get back, she will have chilled out. (I know my stuff/that is in her house - in covered under civil law) thx.

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By your own admission she has not broken any laws so I don't know what I could offer you from a law enforcement prospective. If you are concerned about CPD contact them and let them know the facts. Better to be proactive versus having to be reactionary.

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