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The ongoing Graffiti Problem on the South Side
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Post The ongoing Graffiti Problem on the South Side 
I have lived on Fairfield near Harrison Hill for 17 years now and never once have seen the problems we are having now.

Three times in the last 12 months the garages and houses in the alleys have been hit with graffiti most recently this weekend. Someone must have seen them this time because they didnt finish and get all the houses like they usually do.

The first two times this happened I had the police come out, file a report and we both took pictures. The police were very cooperative both times I filed a report last year and I understand there isn't much they can do about it unless they are caught in the act. I didnt call anyone this time since they didnt get my house this time (hoping they dont come back tonight).

Both times they suggested I try the graffiti removal hotline but its an automated service and I didnt get a responce either time so I repainted myself.

There must be someway to put an end to this, the alleys, houses and businesses on this side of town are becoming littered with this stuff.

Just one idea is possibly working with some of the places around this side of town that sell spray paint and talk to management about suspicious looking groups of kids buying up a dozen cans of blue red and black spray paint. If I worked at Walmart or a hardware store and someone came thru with an order like that I would be contacting someone thats for sure.

Anyways just a frustrated tired old man here looking for some advice or tips for what I can do about this situation.

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We are aware of the problem and are working on it. Tips? You can see where it is taking place and you know it is being done in the cover of darkness. Make it a point to inspect these areas at different times during the evenings and night. If you see suspicious activity call police right away.
The number one thing you do want to do is to get it removed ASAP.

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