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question regarding officer ethical issue
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Post question regarding officer ethical issue 
Officer Joyner:
I happened to stop at a gas station at the corner of Anthony and Tillman the other day. When I got there, there were 3 FWPD vehicles parked out front (two of them illegally - one in an unmarked space and another in a handicapped space). When I went inside to make my purchase, all 3 officers were standing around talking and buying scratch off lottery tickets. They would lose, buy more, lose again, buy more, etc. I was there for about 10 minutes watching this happen. I further witnessed one of the officers go and get a cup, fill it with soda, drink it and NOT pay for it.

I find this highly disturbing. Are our tax dollars going to pay for 3 different officers to scratch lottery tickets and drink free soda? I find it hard to believe that there is no crime that needs fighting in the southeast area of town at any given time. Especially considering I watched 1 person run a red light as I was leaving the gas station. Would have been nice to see them get pulled over and ticketed, but alas - the officers were too busy gambling and stealing soda to do their jobs.

I'm not saying that FWPD officers don't deserve a break. But how is it okay for them to gamble in uniform and essentially steal soda while on their break? Just because you are a police officer doesn't give you the right to take what you want for free.

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You certainly have the right to file a complaint with our Office of Professional Standards better known as Internal Affairs concerning the matter. They can be reached at 427-1424.
With respect to the lottery tickets it is legal to play purchase and possess them as long as one is 18 years or older. I agree with you that if the officers were standing around for several minutes playing them while on duty it does not set a good example for all to see.
We appreciate your concern and willingness to participate. THANK YOU!

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The officer's did NOT "take what they wanted for free". This service-station allows officers to have soda and coffee while on their break as a courtesy that is paid for by the station so please do not assume they are "stealing".

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There are many stations that offer the same thing. I feel much safer frequenting a station when Officers frequent there as well.

Actually I suffered from Domestic violence at one time and while fleeing my home drove to the nearest station where Officers typically stopped for Coffee. I am still very grateful they were there to help me.

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