Copper Theft Prevention

Unfortunately, copper theft has become an all too common occurrence. This has been happening throughout the United States, so it is not a problem unique to Fort Wayne. Therefore, the Fort Wayne Police Department would like to offer the following tips to help prevent the theft of copper items from your property.

  • Remove the exterior of your exterior air conditioning units and spray paint the copper tubing with a florescent orange or green paint. Then replace the exterior.
  • Remove the landscaping or fencing from around the air conditioner unit to improve the surveillance of the area.
  • Install or improve the lighting over your air conditioner units.
  • Use an engraver to engrave the address of the property onto various places on the air conditioner units. Avoid using the property owner’s information since this may change often, whereas the property address will remain the same.
  • Spray paint or use microdot or DataDot® technology for the copper found in utility rooms, boiler rooms, etc.
  • Engrave any copper tubing with the address of the property along with any other of the previous ideas.
  • Ensure that any theft is reported to the Fort Wayne Police Department. If you do not have a suspect, you may call Teleservice at 427-1222 to make a report over the telephone.

It is important for you to take the above precautions to help prevent the theft of the copper from you property. If you suspect that someone has entered your property illegally, we invite you to contact us prior to searching it. The Fort Wayne Police Department would like offer these tips to you, and remind you to stay safe.