Auto Theft Prevention

The Fort Wayne Police Department would like to offer you some ideas on how to prevent your vehicle from being stolen.

  • During colder months, it is common for people to leave their vehicle running to “warm it up” before leaving. Because of this, the Fort Wayne Police Department receives numerous calls regarding their stolen vehicle. Please avoid leaving your car while it is running, even if only for a few minutes.
  • Locking your car is always the best solution. If you make it easy for someone to get in, they will most likely take advantage of this.
  • Control you keys. Only leave the keys necessary for repair shops to do their job, or have a spare key made that says “Do Not Duplicate” for just this purpose.
  • Park in well lighted, busy areas if possible and close to buildings with windows.
  • Buy and install a car alarm.
  • If your vehicle is older, have the door locks replaced with tapered ones. These are more difficult to “Jimmy”.
  • Take your keys with you when going in to pay at convenience stores/ fuel stations.
  • Avoid parking in between larger vehicles, which may obscure surveillance on your vehicle.
  • Periodically check your license plate to ensure that it is still present.
  • Avoid hiding or intentionally leaving a spare key inside the vehicle.
  • Use a product to lock the steering wheel. Although these can be easily defeated in most cases, it is one more deterrent they have to contend with. More than likely they will find an easier target. Locks that engage both the steering wheel and one of the pedals are preferred.
  • If you have a garage, use it.
  • When going out of town, disconnect the battery or remove the electronic ignition fuse.
  • Consider anti-theft devices such as fuel shut-off, kill switches, or electronic chip keys.
  • Like Operation I.D., record the following information and keep it in a location other than the vehicle:

Make and Model
Model Year
Registration (plate) number
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
Any specialties such as bumper stickers, dents, paint variations, etc.

The Fort Wayne Police Department would like to remind you to be vigilant in the protection of your vehicle and the items that you keep inside them. Criminals look for the easy target…is your vehicle an easy target?