Safety Village

badge1-email smallSAFETY VILLAGE

 The purpose of the Fort Wayne Police Department Safety Education Bureau is to: maintain a positive relationship with a diverse community population through Safety Education workshops, distribution of literature and presentations.

The objective is to plan, implement and educate students, parents and the community about issues of self-protection, knowledge of pedestrian rules, stranger awareness situations and bicycle safety rules and the importance of recognizing dangers.  All can be practiced in a simulated real-like environment, Safety Village.

During the School year, the pedestrian safety program is presented to Kindergarten classes from middle of August to November and the end of March to June at the Safety Village. The stranger awareness program is presented at the schools from November to March.  All programs are scheduled and appointments must be made.

To schedule a pedestrian safety presentation and visit, please call 260-427-1241.



SURVIVE ALIVE HOUSE  Survive Alive HouseFWFD badge_smaller

 Since education before, rather than after, an emergency is substantially more beneficial to life safety, the goal of the Survive Alive House is to prepare the public in proper and safe reactions to an actual fire in their home.  Although the survival techniques practiced are reactive measures, many other proactive fire and life safety concepts are presented concurrently.  These programs are conducted in the classroom and a two story house with simulated smoke and fire. The Fort Wayne Fire Department instructs these programs. 3 rd graders are scheduled during the school year. All programs are scheduled and appointments must be made. For additional information on the Survive Alive House, please click here to visit the Fort Wayne Fire Department’s website.

Tours can be scheduled by contacting the Fort Wayne Fire Department Safety Education Division at 260-427-1483 or 260-427-5179.