Barricaded-Wanted Suspect April 27, 2019

For Immediate Release

April 27, 2019

Barricaded-Wanted Suspect



Date: April 27, 2019


Time: 11:00 am


Location: 400 Block of West Masterson








On April 27, 2019 at 11:00 am Officers of the Fort Wayne Police Department responded to a home in the 400 Block of West Masterson in reference to a reported suspicious incident.


Officers were advised that there was a ladder up against the side of the house to an open window. They were also advised that Police had been called to this location the previous day in regards to a domestic dispute that resulted in criminal charges being filed against the subject that officers believed to be inside the residence.


Upon the first officers arrival on scene they advised that they had observed a male subject look out the window where the ladder was and then go back inside.


Officers surrounded the home and began to attempt to use their in car PA systems to loud hail and have the subject exit the home. This was attempted numerous times and there was no communication received.


At this point the Emergency Services Team and Crisis Response Team were called to the scene along with the Air Support Unit. Upon their arrival they began to attempt to communicate with the subject believed to be inside. They were also not able to make any communication with the subject believed to be inside the residence.


After continuing with their attempts and still not being able to establish any communications with the subject believed to be inside. The Emergency Services Team utilized Distraction Devices as well as the use of Chemical agents in an attempt to get the subject inside to surrender and exit the residence.


There was no response from anyone inside the residence at which time members of the Emergency Services Team entered into the residence and were unable to locate anyone inside the residence as well as the attached residence.


This incident remains under investigation by the Fort Wayne Police Department as well as the Allen County Prosecutors Office.


Assisting in this incident was the Fort Wayne Fire Department, and the Three Rivers Ambulance Authority



Officer Mark A. Bieker

Public Information Officer

Fort Wayne Police Department