Barricaded Subject

For Immediate Release
Barricaded Subject
Date: 05-07-2019
Time: 0927
Location: 6700 Cherry Hill Parkway
No Arrest

Details: Police responded after receiving a call for service. A family member requested police to assist another family member who was having mental issues. Officers on scene were not able to make contact with the subject inside the home and due to information that there may be weapons at the subject’s disposal, Crisis Response and Emergency Services Teams were called.

Negotiators attempted numerous times to contact the subject and spoke briefly to the subject. After the Emergency Services Team deployed a distraction device the subject exited the home and surrendered without incident. The subject was taken for medical evaluation.

The residential roadway in Cherry Hill addition was closed while the incident was occurring. No major streets were impacted.

Sofia Rosales-Scatena
Public Information Officer
Fort Wayne Police Department