Barricaded Subject July 15, 2018

For Immediate Release

July 15, 2018

Suicide Threats / Barricaded Subject


Date:        07/15/2018


Time:        3:08 AM


Location:  1200 Summit Street




On Sunday, 07/15/2018, at approximately 3:08 AM, the City of Fort Wayne Police Department responded to a residence in the 1200 block of Summit Street reference a subject making suicide threats via social media.  Officers arrived at the residence in an attempt to conduct a well-being check and observed a male subject on the front porch.  The subject was behaving irrationally and yelled at officers when they attempted to speak to him.  The subject retreated inside his residence, turned the lights off, and barricaded himself inside.  Officers made several unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the subject via telephone.  Officers verbally ordered the subject to exit the residence via a loud speaker and he refused to comply.  A flash bang was deployed to motivate the subject to communicate and he refused to respond.


At approximately 4:53 AM, the Emergency Services Team (EST) and Crisis Response Team (CRT) were called to assist reference a suicidal barricaded subject.  EST members continued verbally ordering the subject out of the residence via a loud speaker without success.  In an attempt to encourage the subject to exit, EST members breached the front door of the residence at approximately 7:45 AM.  The subject immediately complied and voluntarily exited the residence.  He followed the verbal commands from the EST members and was detained without incident.  The subject did not incur any injuries as a result of this incident.  The subject was transported to a local hospital reference a psychological evaluation.  There are no additional details at this time.


Officer Jason Anthony

Public Information Officer

City of Fort Wayne Police Department